What happened there? September to December

Sorry about that. Somehow we got back on the school term treadmill and now it’s December and Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. There’s that cheesy saying about having children, how the days are long but the years short but actually, now Bean1 is at school, the days feel pretty short too as we’re in the routine of rushed mornings, school, home, dinner, then suddenly it’s bedtime again.

This past week or so, though, I’ve really been noticing all the little things that have changed since September: those tiny, creeping little changes that you don’t notice happening until, all at once, everything’s different. So here are how things have been changing for us, month by month.


Bean 1 starts school.

Bean 2 is finally tall enough for lots of the rides at Paulton’s Park. We renew our annual membership and he is utterly thrilled to be able to join in with his big sister.



We move Bean2 from the nursery we’ve been using since Bean1 was 7 months old. He now goes to preschool and a childminder. Suddenly seems much more grown up in his preschool ‘unicorn’ (yes, we still haven’t painted the step).


MrHSS and I celebrate 8 years of marriage, and enjoy a drunken night away revelling in the fact things finally feel like they’re getting to a new ‘normal’ as the children grow instead of just the lurching from crisis to crisis we felt we were doing in the first couple of years of Bean2’s life.


Bean1 starts painting and drawing proper pictures, and doing complicated jigsaw puzzles and all sorts of new skills. She grows and grows and grows and is overjoyed to be able to reach light switches in our house (apparently this is important if you’re 4).



No-one cries at the fireworks party this year. These ladies are still my absolute rocks and the reason I’m still (mostly) sane. There is still plenty of alcohol.


Bean1 can suddenly read, and write. We are suitably impressed.

Bean2 talks and talks and talks. I show off unashamedly by writing 5 connected (lengthy) sentences in the ‘Does your child make sentences that are three or four words long? Give an example’ box on his 2 year check form, in a pathetic attempt to out passive-agressive the irritating health visitor who made me so miserable during his first year. Take that, judgey lady.

Mummy gets marginally better at children’s hairstyles, expanding her repertoire to include (wonky & untidy) dutch braids. Bean1 is a compliant and accepting model.



Bean2 keeps growing, and can now reach to press the button on the pedestrian crossing we use every school run.

Bean1 finally successfully counts all the concrete posts (39) making up a fence we pass on the school run. In September she got stuck somewhere around 20.

Bean1 prepares for her performance as a ‘star’ in tomorrow’s nativity, dealing with that disappointment so many of the non blue-eyed and blonde-haired amongst us will remember well “but I really wanted to be an angel Mummy”.

Bean2 is no longer afraid of people in costumes. Last year he ran literally quaking with fear. Last week he ran up for cuddles and didn’t want to leave.


So here we are. Not much happening, but everything changing. What next?



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