Letting go


4 years ago our newly-arrived 8 week old was really getting in to smiling. It was amazing to begin to see her budding personality.

Today she started school.

So tonight MrHSS and I are celebrating the fact that we’ve kept her alive to this point, and are proud beyond anything of the awesome little person she is.

She’s already been in nursery, and pre-school, so her going somewhere without us is not new. But this does feel different. Gone is the detailed feedback at the end of the day; instead this afternoon we had to make do with ‘I made a new friend’ and ‘You can just guess the rest Mummy!’.

She’s headed off into the world, ready to find out more about it and the kind of person she wants to be.

Luckily, she posed quite nicely for photos beforehand (just wish we’d gotten round to painting the front step like we planned this summer!).


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