Achieving my dreams through my 4 year old

I know, I know, this is usually considered a very bad thing. 

However, this time I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is because my dream is, and has always been…(drumroll please)…the Playmobil Grande Mansion.

Yes, you read that right. From the age of around 5, ever since I first saw my best friend’s immaculate (I’m not actually sure we ever played with it) version, I was desperate for my own. Alas, I had to make do with a 3-room bungalow which didn’t even have a door to one of the rooms (I inherited it from my mum and the story goes my grandfather only realised late on Christmas Eve that it was flat-packed).

But now, finally, I have a 4-year-old daughter and therefore the perfect excuse to finally get me a Playmobil house of my very own. Ahem, sorry, I mean, to get her a dollhouse. Honest.

Sadly, the Grande Mansion has been discontinued. I did consider purchasing one from eBay but the £200+ price tag was beyond reason. However, luckily there is a brand new version available. And so, with just a few quick clicks of a mouse, the Playmobil Deluxe (Romantic) Dollhouse was mine. Sorry, Bean1’s.

And it is amazing. 

I should say that it is pretty fiddly to build. Fortunately, I’d learnt from the IKEA kitchen fiasco of 2 years previously (that thing took longer than an actual fitted kitchen would have) and started a couple of days in advance of her actual birthday. The main frustrating thing is that everything comes in little bags, but none of the things in an individual bag actually go with each other, so you have to open everything to find the pieces you need.

However, after only a couple of hours work, the doll house was built. And now, thanks to generous friends and relatives, the rooms are filled with furniture. We haven’t stopped playing with it.


So, finally, finally, thanks to my 4-year-old, I can happily tell you I’ve fulfilled my life goals. All is well with the world. And, at long last, I have a house I can actually manage to keep clean and tidy. Good times.



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