Bean2 is 2! A hastily organised construction party.

Alright, 2 and 10 days by now. Yes, I’m late as always. But our little, funny, kind, smiley April Fool is 2. How did that happen?


Now my brother, a second child with an (awesome) older sister himself, has a special affection for Bean2. Being, as he sees it, an overlooked second child himself, he has made it his duty to prevent the same happening to his nephew. Thus he ensures we record each memory and celebrate each occasion just as we did for Bean1. He probably has a point. So when we said we might not be having a party for Bean2 this year, Uncle Al soon changed our minds.

It has to be said, though, that I didn’t put my usual amount of prep in to this party. I love organising a good party and generally spend weeks considering themes, browsing Pinterest, sourcing resources and basically seeking perfection in every element of the party. Apart from making sure our guests were available, this was a birthday party put together in 48 hours.

Now part of me regrets this. There were a few touches I would have loved to do, if only I’d thought of them sooner than the night before the party (how cute would construction hats have been for all our little guests as they arrived?!). However, it’s also probably by far the cheapest party we’ve done, and it was just as fun.

So, Bean2 loves all things with wheels. Especially diggers. So, having deliberated over Stick Man and Peter Rabbit, we settled on construction as our theme. Settled on it, mainly, because we already had a load of digger and construction related toys so it seemed an easy fit along with a few decorations printed from Twinkl and a hastily organised ‘digger hunt’ where the children had to find small digger pictures hidden all around the house.


Living room – construction related toys. I probably still need to apologise to MrHSS for losing it slightly half an hour before the party and screeching at him that he needed to arrange the toys differently to create more of ‘an invitation to play’. All this KS1 has been going to my head. 


My (and the children’s) favourite bit…MrHSS’s worst nightmare. This was a very last minute addition but the biggest hit of the party. Tough tray with some play sand and Sainsbury’s value weetabix (which is rectangular), plus a load of diggers / construction vehicles. So much fun. 


Mmmmm food. My standard party fare – sandwiches, pizza, crudites, dips, crisps, fruit and an enormous birthday cake. And cocktail sausages. Lots of cocktail sausages. 

bean1 food

Bean1…chief party organiser. Actually, a lot of this party wouldn’t have happened without her. She shopped with me, wrapped the pass the parcel and made up the party bags. All while dressed like a princess. 

cake 2


The show piece of the whole affair. Amazing cake decorated by the even more amazing MrHSS, who discovered a hidden talent for cake decorating after an emergency Elsa situation for Bean1’s 3rd birthday last year.

And what did Bean2 make of the whole affair? He enjoyed himself, I think. At least, he definitely enjoyed eating as much icing as he could get his hands on. That’s my boy.

eating icing


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