Decisions, part 2

Apologies for the intrigue in my previous post, and then disappearing. All I have to excuse my absence is ‘end of term’ (fellow teachers will understand). I’m afraid what follows is now very likely to be an anti-climax!

In case you hadn’t picked up on it, for the past little while I’ve been feeling rather unhappy in my job. A combination of lots of different things, including the balance of juggling work and family, a very long commute, and then some other factors I can’t go into here.

I’ve been there for almost 9 years…as one of my colleagues said, I’ve gone from girl to mother since I started. It has been a constant in my life for a really long time. So feeling unhappy there has been very discomforting. In fact, I hadn’t really realised quite how it had been weighing on me until the last couple of weeks.

Then, a couple of chance encounters and discussions led to me meeting with a headteacher for a ‘chat’, and a subsequent job offer. I still can’t really believe how easily it has all slotted in to place. If I believed in signs, this had to be a huge great neon flashing one.


There was one slight hiccup when, having spoken to my current Head and pretty much getting the early release from my contract I need to be able to take the job, circumstances led her to retract this the following day. Not a happy moment as I saw the escape I had all planned out slipping away. In fact, I was quite surprised by the strength of my emotions when I thought it suddenly may not be possible. I’m still quite impressed with myself for how I resolved it in the end – by first having a rather major meltdown (ok, this bit wasn’t so impressive) and then discussing my Head’s concerns very calmly and rationally and doing a good bit of positive problem solving.

So, as of the end of February, I will be a Year 1 teacher. Gulp. Better get practising my phonics. So that’s what I’ll use the extra hour and a half I’ll gain each day without my commute. But most of all, I’m so excited by the potential to fall back in love with teaching again. Can’t wait!


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